types of covers

Boards, CD, DVD – choose the color, everything, despite the popularity of portable memory still serves us to store collections. Pros: durability and ease of use, multiple types of covers (see: DVD cover) and storage containers, except that depending on the place which we have virtually unlimited as to the amount of owned / collected plate carriers. Quantity does not equal quality in and this case, unless we’re talking about kolekcjonerstwie plate (see: the cover blu-ray).

movie cover

dvd cover

Most people buying and kolekcjonujących board (in one form or otherwise) does not pay attention to how they are stored. Most plastic covers or envelopes of paper or media to gather Seatposts not provide full security collection. Best suited for this purpose, both for safety and proper visibility of traditional harvest format DVD covers a little more on the disc, opened like a book. They are safe, easy and user-friendly and otherwise ensure effectiveness of exposure, especially that it can be fitted with liners and movie menu description: These are supplied by the dealer along (covercity) with the plates, but it is often available in alternative versions niekonwekcjonalnych on many web portals .


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