Covers the market

First, one might ask whether, if the DVD cover or any cover, we can talk about the market. This is undoubtedly a niche segment, but there is.
Collectors, especially collectors of movies and games, often seek appropriate setting for their collection. Meet this demand artists – designers, providing alternative proposals in relation to distributors, dealers and solutions we offer the ability to download or purchase the DVD cover for your favorite movie over the network.



At the moment, the market is rather cover Hobby. On the one hand, film enthusiasts looking for a typical movie gadgets (which are also undoubtedly DVD cover), on the other hand, other enthusiasts – graphic artists and designers. often the passions of film, make their work to others. It is a kind of perpetual motion hobby, but it’s mostly used for collecting.
Maybe with time it will be born fashion for collecting the same cover, and the more they are original, and the further from the traditional concept will become even more sought after.


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