The Life of David Gale

The hero of the Vietnam War and the Persian Gulf, General Irwin, due to insubordination led to the death of eight of their subordinates. After the process is degraded and imprisoned for ten years in a maximum security prison. Here is governed by despotic and zakompleksiony Colonel Winter. His regime resocialization very difficult life prisoners, depriving them of the The Life of David Galerights and dignity. The confrontation seems inevitable. At the beginning of the Vienna General is an ideal however, docile and disciplined. But when Irwan sharply criticize the methods of prison, Winter begins to harass him. General decides to lead a rebellion against the prison warden. In this powerful, spectacular action film met the real stars – Robert Redford, winner of the Academy Award (“Spy”) and Emmy Award winner James Gandolfini (“The Sopranos”). Military prison maximum security is the last stop in the brilliant, military career of General Eugene Irwin (Redford). He gave an incorrect order, which led to the death of his subordinates. Convicted and sent to prison degraded led by Colonel Winter (Gandolfini). Irwin criticizes his methods of prison and soon gaining ground. Its aim is to take over the prison and remove Winter from his position.


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